cordless mouse and keyboard failure

  Throbber 10:14 30 Sep 06

My belkin cordless mouse and keyboard, having worked just fine for months, have both just failed. I have replaced batteries, done reset button, but both are still totally dead. I haven't installed anything new recently. I run windows XP Home with SP2.
Any ideas?

  ArrGee 10:17 30 Sep 06

Take the batteries out, clean the contacts (I personally use a match head) re-insert and reset the communication buttons again.

  wolfie3000 10:22 30 Sep 06

A few other things you might try is first check they are plugged in,
I know you have probably done this but its caught me out a few times.

Also some cordless keyboards and mice have software installed,
Maybe thats whats causing the problem.

Give the software a check.

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