Cordless Mouse

  @Home 14:11 05 Mar 04

Looking at getting a Cordless Mouse. I have been using a friends for a few days and quite like the freedom they give.

So Any suggestions?

I was thinking about a Logitech MX700 to go with my new Logitech Keyboard not cordless, What are you views on this Mouse?


  dimercaprol 14:17 05 Mar 04

I have the cordless mouse and keyboard package. The batteries lasted well over a year the first time. Still on my second. I find them an essential part of my computing life.

  AcidBurn7uk 14:23 05 Mar 04

have a look on ebuyer
click here

  byfordr 14:27 05 Mar 04

About £45 for the rodent, £75 including cordless keyboard. What can I say...superb!

Batteries last about a week in the mouse (if left off the cradle)

Keyboard batteries are still going since August.

  nick_j007 14:48 05 Mar 04

I shopped around a lot and did a fair bit of research (all a part of the fun eh!) and ended up with the MX700.
It is a superb mouse, and will go a long way between recharges if you're cruel to it. It has a few buttons on it, but the best are the back and forward browser buttons.
Feels great in your hand and has a slick feel too, with a nice click action.
Highly recommended!

No, I don't work for Logitech!

Nick :-)

  nick_j007 14:49 05 Mar 04

click here=



  @Home 12:35 07 Mar 04

Thanks for all the replys.

I went out and got an MX700 on Saturday. So far well inpresed, kinda groovy ain't it.

Well thanks again for pionting me in the right direction.

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