Cordless Mouse

  K.H 21:36 09 Dec 03

Hi all


I have recently purchased the "Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator" Package, which consists of a cordless, optical mouse and a Cordless Keyboard, and it came with no manual of any sort. So i am beggining to think, when i power-down my PC for the night, will i have to take the battery's out of my mouse in order to turn it off, or will it automatically switch off after a certain amount of time?




  christmascracker 21:45 09 Dec 03

No you dont have to remove the batteries as it will switch off when the pc does

Have a look on the installation disk as the manual will probably be on there.

  K.H 21:47 09 Dec 03


Glad to hear that.

I shall check the disk now.



  christmascracker 21:50 09 Dec 03

Your welcome

A lot of companies seem to put manuals on disk these days instead of on paper, cheeper I suppose!

  K.H 21:52 09 Dec 03

I agree!

Well, ive checked, and the manual isnt on the
actual disk itself, but its got a link to the logitech website regarding support for my product.

Thanks again

  Installer 21:54 09 Dec 03

I think you will find that the Logitech mouse doesn't turn off, the led's just glow away all the time. However a pair off alkaline AA bateries will last ages.

  K.H 21:56 09 Dec 03

Thanks, you just saved me browsing through a page of FAQ's



  K.H 21:56 09 Dec 03

So is it not worth taking one of the bettries out then?


  Installer 22:03 09 Dec 03

Well I had a Logitech and using rechargeable AA's it would run with daily use about two weeks. Also great for browsing, set the thumb button for browser back and the wheel button for foward.

  K.H 22:06 09 Dec 03

I am thinking of buying some rechargeable batteries. Will any AA batteries do, or have you got a certain reccomendation?



  researcher 22:07 09 Dec 03

The manual should be on the CD, it will also be on the Logitech web-site.

I have the cordless keyboard and (ball) mouse. The batteries last for ages in the keyboard (1 year) and for a few months in the mouse. They all go off when the PC does.

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