Copyrighting, how do i do it?

  Mysticnas 20:12 19 Nov 04

I've developed quite a lot of work for my portfolio. Some people have seen it, as in some companies. One of them asked me if it's copyrighted or patented???

At the time i just said no, but i've been thinking now, why did they ask that? might they want to pinch a few ideas???

How do i go about copyrighting software and/or ideas and concepts of software that i have planned/developed?

Thanks in advance.

  Dan the Confused 20:25 19 Nov 04

You automatically have copyright of your own work. I'm not sure if this still holds true, but one method is to send your work to yourself by post (snail mail) then put it somewhere safe (don't open it). The postmark is useful as proof should a legal dispute ever occur.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:25 19 Nov 04

Copyrighting a work (artistic) is automatic. You created it, you own it. You can patent an idea for a new item/method by applying to the patents office click here who, for a fee, will tell you if the idea is original and/or worth the bother. If your portfolio consists of web pages or photographs you own the copyright to the original but anyone can copy the style.


  Mysticnas 20:27 19 Nov 04 people always use that copyright logo then?

basically it's software i've created.


  VoG II 20:27 19 Nov 04

Yep. Also add © Mysticnas to your work.

  Mysticnas 20:28 19 Nov 04

that logo?

is there some special key on the keyboard for it?

  Dorsai 20:37 19 Nov 04

One option for stuff that is guenuinly yours, is to put a copy in an envelope, and post it to your lawyer/solicitor, and ask them to store it, unopened.

The date on the postage frank will prove the date.

Then if someone else say they wrote it, after you did, you can prove you wrote it before they said they did.

A patenet is different. I think. You have to register the idea.

Copyright is for somting you wrote/sang/painted etc.

Patent if for an idea.

Like the idea to make a 4 inch disk of plastic, with a metallic layer in it, that can be used to store music on, using a lazer to read the data, the data is stored using high and low spots on the metallic layer, that represent computer '1' and '0' binary.... (IE the idea of a CD).

But this is just hearsay from me. If it is that important, see a solisitor.

  BigAl127 20:37 19 Nov 04

© In MsWord press Ctrl+Alt + C or Insert Symbol and select it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:43 19 Nov 04

You can use the copyright © symbol but it makes no difference, you had the idea and the copyright is automatically yours.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:47 19 Nov 04

...another small point, if you have a superb design idea for a web page, unless someone physically copies (cut n'paste) your page there is no way you can stop them using that idea. I could take a photo of Wells Cathedral and the photo is my copyright but someone can take exactly the same photo(same light etc.) and it would be their copyright.


  sortof 20:49 19 Nov 04

That idea about putting something in an envelope is flawed as the papers are in the envelope which is postmarked, but you could have just used that envelope for that purpose and opened it later then inserted the said paper/s, if you see what I mean: better to fold the actual sheet/s in such a way that you can address them and the actual paper/s will have the postmark on them.

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