Copyright Symbol

  Birder 1 18:18 24 Sep 07

How do i add the above to my photographs please.

  Forum Editor 18:30 24 Sep 07

Are you saying you are publishing your images on a website, and want to put a copyright watermark on them, so people don't download and use them without consent?

  martjc 18:40 24 Sep 07

... if you put this on your photos, they are copyrighted to you.

  cycoze 18:55 24 Sep 07

If your wanting to watermark your photos then you need an image editing program to do so, use the text tool to put the copyright text onto the image, preferably onto a different layer so as not to damage the original image, once you have the text you can then lower the opacity to make it less visible.

Make sure that you save the image under a different name so you do nor over write and spoil your original.

If using Windows as an OS, then use ALT+0169 to get the © up.

martjc, if you took the photo its your copyright whether it is watermarked or not.

  Forum Editor 19:01 24 Sep 07

All photographs are copyright-protected - you don't need to put any symbol on them. Copyright in all photographic images is automatically vested in the person who took the photograph, unless he/she signs an agreement to the contrary.

Most people aren't aware of this, but it's a fact. If you engage a wedding photographer the copyright in your wedding photos belongs to him or her - not to you.

  Forum Editor 19:02 24 Sep 07

Advice in stereo.

  martjc 14:13 25 Sep 07

...I was only trying to answer a direct question, tthat of how to place the symbol!

  Birder 1 15:20 25 Sep 07


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