Copying whole CD with NERO 5

  pppc 17:40 14 Nov 04

I am using Nero 5 with Windows 98SE and intially, for some time, had no problems. Howver recently when I attempt to copy a complete music CD using the same drive for input and output (previously my usual practice) it invariably fails during the copy original to temp on hard drive phase.
Usually the machine freezes after claiming to have copied about 5%. It will also die with the blue screens - System Unstable' or 'Fatal Error' and no recovery possible - I have to press the OFF button.
I have tried copying data discs, my own music discs, and commecrcial CDs, all to no avail.
I am able to make copies by copying either directly, or through a temp file, if the input is on another Drive.

Any suggestions????

  jimv7 17:51 14 Nov 04

It sounds as if your hard drive is faulty, if you know the make of your drive, you can download a diagnostic program from the manufacturers site to test your drive.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:55 14 Nov 04

Do you need to empty all temp files from the drive? It may be that there is not sufficient space for creating the image...

  grumpano 18:17 14 Nov 04

Go to the Nero website and download the update. This sorted a problem i had copying

  pppc 17:08 15 Nov 04

Jim and Diodorus I have tried both my hard drives for the temp file, and anyway it works OK to copy form a the second drive to the hard drive first. There is bags of space on both drives.

Grumpano - I clicked your link but it took me nowhere near NERO.I'll try to find the site myself.But I though NERO is now on version 6 so didn't think there would be an update. (I don't want ver 6.)

  Cook2 17:26 15 Nov 04 is the last update for Nero 5.5. It's not so easy to find as it used to be.

  MAJ 18:09 15 Nov 04

click here you can update from Nero 5 straight to Nero

  pppc 21:52 15 Nov 04

I have found and downloaded the update. At first did not work, but an uninstall/reinstall - after a confusing message suggesting I was trialling version 6 - seems to work OK. Many thanks for all the help. I'll wait a day or two before signing this one off just to be sure.


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