Copying Video File

  Daz35 20:11 24 Feb 05

I'm trying to back up one of my files onto an external drive and for some reason it keeps telling me I don't have enough space.

The file is a file straight from a mini DV transferred from the camera via firewire.

I have a 120Gb HDD split into 3 partitions, and the partition the file is on is 36.1Gb, with the actual file being 13.2Gb and free space on the partition being 15.6Gb.

I am trying to move it via USB2 to an external drive, maximum size 76.6Gb, with 40.7Gb free.

Evertime I try and copy it, it says there is not enough free disk space, delete one or two files then try again.

I have tried deleting a big file (24.6Gb) and trying again, but to no avail.

It doesn't seem to make any sense, as there is more than enough room for all the files.

Any ideas anyone?


  Daz35 23:57 24 Feb 05


  TomJerry 00:42 25 Feb 05

so, you may need to convert the drive to NTFS format, only one disabvantage for NTFS, it only works under winxp or win2k

  Daz35 01:05 25 Feb 05

I already have had a file with over 20Gb copied onto the external, so it must be NTFS already??

Also I am using XP SP2, so I suppose it must be.

Any other ideas please?

  Night Ryder 01:10 25 Feb 05

I posted this thread some time ago and was unable to find an answer. Copying a file to an external drive although showing pleny space returned the same message "not eonough room on drive"

  Daz35 01:34 25 Feb 05

Was it a video file you were trying to copy?

  Daz35 01:35 25 Feb 05

Come on you experts!

You haven't let me down yet!

  Daz35 13:01 25 Feb 05


  MichelleC 13:07 25 Feb 05

I think the problem may be that you are copying an avi file to an external device using usb. USB cannot cope with dv transfer (even USB2). You may have to do it via firewire. Unless of course the file is mpeg. If it is avi you could convert it to mpeg2 then transfer.

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