Copying User names

  john bunyan 05 Jun 11

In the old forum you could copy and paste the forum members name if you wanted to reply specifically to them - useful for those with symbols as well as letters in theie "handle". This does not work now - is there a way of doing it?

  Nontek 05 Jun 11

link text

1: http://john bunyan

This is one way - I highlighted your name then clicked on Edit>Paste, then clicked on World-Globe icon, then pasted in the resultant window, and OK'd.

Another way is just to type in the name and then highlight it and click on the Bold icon under 'Reply to this topic'

  Nontek 05 Jun 11

john bunyan oops, first way did not work, this is via the second way I mentioned above.

  buteman 05 Jun 11

Not at the moment .Not sure if it is one of the fixes that still has to be done.

There is still quite a few problems that still have to be resolved since starting the new Browser.

Hmm maybe I am getting mixed up you could click on the e-mail icon at one time but that does not work now.

So not sure if that is what you mean.

Like I said still quite a few problems to sort out the higher up the list the sooner it will be done.All we need is a list.

  buteman 05 Jun 11

Sorry got it wrong you can still copy and paste a name if that is what you mean.

just a plain copy and paste. john bunyan

  rdave13 05 Jun 11

I can also copy and paste forum names. On IE9.

  BT 05 Jun 11

Left click and drag to highlight it then right click and Copy, then Paste wherever you want it to be.

john bunyan

Highlight and click on the 'B' if you want it in Bold

  Forum Editor 05 Jun 11

Nothing has changed.

Highlight the name and copy it. Then paste it into your post as before.

What you can't do is highlight a name and drag it into the new post, which you could do before. If you try it with this version it won't work, you'll end up with a link to the other person's profile.

  woodchip 05 Jun 11

Not looked, all I do is highlight the Name right click and copy then Paste in box from a right click. What's hard about that

  lotvic 05 Jun 11

That doesn't work for me, I am unable to highlight the name so I can't copy it.

  Woolwell 05 Jun 11

lotvic - I find that the only way I can highlight the name is by dragging right to left instead of the normal left to right.


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