Copying Screen Print Image into Forum Post

  gazmix 10:52 18 Nov 09


I am wanting to copy a screen shot into a forum post!

I took screenshot! I went to 'Paint' & pasted it in!

I copied it again, went to my post in a forum & pressed ctrl v.
It didn't appear in the post! What am i doing wrong?


  bremner 10:54 18 Nov 09

You can not copy an image direct to a post.

You need to put it up on a site like photobucket click here and then post a link to that site.

  cream. 10:56 18 Nov 09

to a hosting site, like this one click here

In the browse box you search for the picture, best is in jpg format. You then select start upload.

A small thumnail will show of the picture. Click on it twice to fill the screen and then copy the url and paste it in your thread, like this click here

  gazmix 11:01 18 Nov 09

Ah, ok & when i cut the image in paint, to highlight a certain area of the page, it wipes the page & i have to paste it again!

  cream. 11:04 18 Nov 09

to cut or alter the image. Gimp should do the job for you and it's free. click here

  cream. 11:08 18 Nov 09

crop the image to get that part like this click here

  gazmix 11:09 18 Nov 09

But in paint, i have the image, but the image is within the screenshot of my whole browser!

I thought i could highlight the image & just save that!

  cream. 11:09 18 Nov 09

How come I read your post of 11.09 and responded but my posting appears before yours.

  cream. 11:12 18 Nov 09

that will grab just windows or segments of your screen. Just pop it in google.

You then upload as per bremner's or mine image upload site.

  gazmix 11:18 18 Nov 09

strange lol
I used imageshack
I didn't sign up & i uploaded the image & it then gave me a link & quick link!

Does Imageshack keep it forever or can i delete it after its been used!

I'm sure in 'paint' i once kinda hovered or stretched a black line around the image within the screen & cut, copied & pasted!

  cream. 11:23 18 Nov 09

I does stay on the site for quite awhile, it used to. Don't know how long they keep i on the servers now though.

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