copying records to cd via pc.

  jackdouglas7 23:38 23 Nov 05

I have lots of records that I want to copy onto cd using my pc.Whats the best way to do it and what do I need to buy.

  Tim1964 00:03 24 Nov 05

You need to connect your turntable to you PC by using a phono (red/white connector) to 3.5mm jack which plugs into the 'line in' on your PC. The software I used was dbPoweramp from click here to convert the tracks to mp3s.

You can then burn them onto a CD, assuming you have a CR writer in your PC. I don't so I just transferred the mp3s straight onto my mp3 player.

Remember that the converting will be in real time.

  Tim1964 00:04 24 Nov 05

Forgot to say, phono lead around £2, dbPoweramp, free.

  Skyver 00:07 24 Nov 05

Use the forum search with the word `vinyl`, lots of advice on the subject you might find useful.

  DieSse 00:17 24 Nov 05

It's not the right thing to do to try and connect a turntable directly to a PC, even if you do find the correct cable. 99% of turntables have their output directly from the cartridge - which needs equalising and amplifying to get the correct signal. If no equalisation is done, the frequencies will be at the wrong power level - so you'll get too much high frequency and not enough bass (It's either that or the other way round - I forget for now!)

You will hopefully have an amplifier with a line-level output (the sort tha feeds a cassette recorder) - then you can connect that output to the PC. If not you need to find a turntable pre-amp.

Most CD recording software will then allow you to do the actual recordings.

If you want to cleanup the signal and get rid of surface noise and clicks, then there are several packages out there that will do this. DART is recognised as very good - almost essential if you're talking old records and want to make a good job of it.

  Tim1964 17:22 24 Nov 05

Very true DieSse,

In my case my turntable was fitted with a pre-amplifier internally. As you rightly say, another method would be to connect the headphone socket of the player to the line in on the PC. dbpoweramp even has a level meter to show adjustments to the input volume level

  Geordie Al 18:27 03 Dec 05

I need to get a turntable with a buit in pre amp so i can copy my LP's to CD via my PC. I have looked around and found several which look similar, does anyone have any adice which is the best.

Pioneer PL-990, Sony PS-LX250H, Sony PS-J20S, Bush MMT1.

Any advice welcome.



  jackdouglas7 15:32 19 May 09

Many thanks all

  eedcam 18:58 19 May 09

If your LP's are available on CD and many are and they are a quality remaster not Asda or the likes best off compilations there is no real advantage in copying you will not better them.Its a long drawn out job albeit satisfying at times and all done in real time.

  jackdouglas7 23:11 19 May 09

Many thaks to all. Think I will get the CDs as I dont have a spaire 3 years to copy them.

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