copying pdf files

  sillysoo 10:37 20 Sep 04

Hi, I want to copy a pdf file that I have got over the internet. I am using my home computer and want to copy the file to a CD so that I can read it on my laptop (with no internet connection). I cannot seem to do this as I cant paste and copy to word, or copy the file straight onto a cd?...I am running windows XP home on both comps. Please help....Thanks

  seedie 10:45 20 Sep 04

I think you'll need to burn the file onto a cdrom.Nero or roxio will do it and there are two burning programs on this month's PCA CDROM as well as SP2 for XP.


  sillysoo 10:49 20 Sep 04

Hi Seedie, I have tried burning the file but I pres "file" then "send" I dont get the option to go to CD?...

  GroupFC 10:50 20 Sep 04

I don't think you can cut and paste .pdf files to word (something to do with them being protected?).

This is how I do it:- on the link to the .pdf file on the website, I right click and select "save target as", then chose a location (say, desktop), and then "save" and lo and behold down it comes!

This can then be opened to read at my leisure, burnt to CD etc.

  sillysoo 10:59 20 Sep 04

Thank you so much, "IT WORKS"....

  GroupFC 11:09 20 Sep 04

Glad to help!

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