copying oe6 to disc?

  2CV6 20:58 25 Oct 05

Hi, my old computer played up so much, I bought another. I would like to copy to disc all the inbox messages from the old one and also the address book and then put them into the new one, is this possible? Many thanks to all who contributed to all my previous posts. 2cv6.

  Skills 21:06 25 Oct 05

I use this program to back up OE6 files click here the download is at the bottom of the page.

It will back up your mail, address book any rules you have created to a folder which you copy to disk. You can then use the same program to transfer them into OE on your new PC.

Make sure you open OE on your new pc first so that the identity is created and then close it and use the program to copy your files across.

  2CV6 21:28 25 Oct 05

Hi thanks a million. Just hoping that the old one will perform ok and copy the details from the hard drive. Sounds like wheel bearings groaning on on old car. Didn't think a computer could be as noisey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2cv6.

  GroupFC 21:33 25 Oct 05

"Sounds like wheel bearings groaning on on old car."
- With a name like that you should be used to it!

  2CV6 21:36 25 Oct 05


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