copying mpeg files to a dvd

  fredo3 21:09 27 Jun 04

This is all new to do I copy mpeg files to a dvd disc so they'll play on my television /dvd player.

I have nero and clone dvd2 as burning software so can I proceed with this software setup.

I dont want to waste my discs experimenting so can someone please advise

Thanks !

  JFT 21:18 27 Jun 04

You first have to author the disc.
click here

  fredo3 21:25 27 Jun 04

thanks but thats as clear as mud......cant see any reference to mpeg

  Sans le Sou 21:28 27 Jun 04

Where are the mpegs coming from, VCR,videocamera
or do you have them captured already?

  fredo3 21:35 27 Jun 04

captured already I just want to burn on television/dvd wont play vcd's

  Sans le Sou 21:53 27 Jun 04

Nero 6 should do it ok using Nerovideo Express2/create DVD video. Cannot remember whats in other versions of Nero.

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