Copying main drive to another computer

  Billawa 18:58 03 Oct 05

I am thinking of buying another computer and would like to transfer all the information on my current hard drive to the new computer. Is there an easy and reasonably reliable way to do this?

My apologies if this has come up recently but the search facility seems to be hanging up at the moment.

  VoG II 19:01 03 Oct 05
  Strawballs 19:18 03 Oct 05

If you are not going to use the old computer put it's hard drive in the new one as a slave and delete windows off of it or if you are do the same and transfer what you want and then put it back just remember to to switch the jumper to slave and back to master when you put it back.

  Billawa 19:27 03 Oct 05

Thanks to both of you. What super service!

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