Copying films to disc

  daveac41 20:22 22 Jun 03

Having downloaded feature films on Grokster, etc waht is the best method of copying them to disc?

  -pops- 20:44 22 Jun 03

Wrong forum mate!

  rubella 21:49 22 Jun 03

maybe DVDx is the tool you need

  rubella 21:51 22 Jun 03
  daveac41 00:10 23 Jun 03

Thanks guys, but pops - How can it be wrong forum - this is the helpline and help is what I'm after!!

  daveac41 00:11 23 Jun 03

Also, Im using ordinary burner - not DVD burner!

you need "TMPGEnc " with the svcd or vcd template.
its a free download from

  rubella 06:28 23 Jun 03

"Also, Im using ordinary burner - not DVD burner!"

if that was a reaction to the name DVDx you have the wrong impression amigo. in theory, it is possible to use only a DVD decrypter to get the files to one's hd from a DVD, and DVDx to relocate them to plain vanilla cd, apparently. as the files were already on your hd you only needed the DVDx bit.


  -pops- 06:35 23 Jun 03

There is, and has been, a lot of discussion here on the legality and morality of, first of all, downloading commercial (copyright) property from P2P sites and, secondly, the writing of this copyrighted property on to a permanent medium whether that be CD, DVD or even your HD.

Perhaps I should have explained more in my first reply. What I wanted to try and avoid was your thread being turned into a protracted argument and consequent slanging match between the fors and againsts. Surprisingly, this hasn't happened (yet).

I don't care one way or the other whether you download these things although my postings on the subject are usually interpreted as me being a "holier than though" moralist.

One thing you should be very careful of, however, is that you have all your antivirus, firewall, spyblockers installed and working when you use any P2P program, Grokster, Napster, KaZaa or whatever. If you don't, you may catch something you wish you hadn't.


  The Spires 06:39 23 Jun 03

So there you go daveac41, you need a box of vanilla Cd's, yum yum (no others will do), to relocate the files on your hard drive, thats in theory of course... Amigo.

  The Spires 06:47 23 Jun 03

-pops- you missed iMesh, a young lady is dropping a Pc off today that is non working after a week on iMesh. Almost every main exe on the Pc is corrupted & it looks like there has been a backdoor open for some time & has been used. So I may have to relocate Windows Xp of the non vanilla Microsoft Cd onto her newly formatted drive.

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