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Copying CDS to my MP3 player....

  herc182 09:17 01 Mar 04

I am so at the moment. i have 3 CD's that are copyrighted and i cant copy them to my MP3 player.
they have their own media player in them so that they cant be copied using WMP. is there a program out there that will alow me to copy them onto my hard drive?



The cds are alicia keyes, red hot chilli peppers and michael jacksons number ones....

  Diodorus Siculus 09:21 01 Mar 04

Get something like Audacity from audacity.sourceforge.net and play the CD using their media player. Use Audacity to record each track. It will then export as an MP3 file.

Longwinded but works.

  herc182 09:38 01 Mar 04

Thanks Diodorus Siculus. Will give that a shot.
Any other suggestions are welcome.

The only solution with these discs is to use the 'old fashioned' record in real time option as mentioned.

I have my personal cd player linked in to my sound card. I then record the cd to the HD using RIPVinyl as this will automatically split the tracks up. click here

Once it's on the pc the wav files can then be turned into MP3 - CDex is a good free prog for that. click here

  Kate B 13:00 01 Mar 04

Roxio's Soundstream will do the trick - it ignores the CD's own media player and extracts the music files as mp3s.

  herc182 13:44 01 Mar 04

is soundstream free? i have roxio easy CD creator. is it in there? cant remember what version i have though.


  leo49 14:26 01 Mar 04

If you already own the albums,then that should satisfy qualms of conscience,and so the simplest solution is to download off the net - they're widely available.

  Kate B 14:35 01 Mar 04

I've got soundstream bundled with my version of roxio easy cd creator - can't tell you which version it is as I'm at work, but if you go to applications off roxio from the start menu rather than project selecter, you'll see it there. it works a treat.

  herc182 15:13 01 Mar 04

cheers kate B.
Will have a look tonight.

  mikeyb59 17:07 01 Mar 04

As Kate B says, Soundstream does the job. Easy!

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