Copy Windows etc from old HD to new HD URGENT

  5ean 18:59 07 May 04

Hi thanks for looking. I know this may have been asked plenty but I can't find a search to come up with anything.

I need to save someones PC, it's a charity nursery and all thier accounts are on it. What I need to do is move everything on the old hard drive (and I mean everything, windows , drivers , programs the lot) onto a new hard drive (not yet out of packet). They have no backups of anything you see.

I have built PC's and installed drives before but never this. I believe it's possible but it's imperitive I don't get this wrong so I am asking for help first rather than when it's too late.

many thanks for your time.


  Rayuk 19:07 07 May 04

Download hard drive manufacturers software from their website which will do this for you.

  woodchip 19:10 07 May 04

You need to first fit the Drive as Slave, and get it recognised by BIOS and windows then right click the drive in explorer and choose format. Then for a Free use xxcopy from click here it should clone the drive to the new drive. But for a safe way Use Drive Image or Acronise True Image

  woodchip 19:11 07 May 04

The above copies everything

  alnwrd 20:28 07 May 04

I have just upgraded several computers by fitting new hard drives. The new drive is installed in the computer as a slave, then formated. I used 'ghost' to clone the original drive (about 39 pounds from pc world. When ghost has finished, remove the original drive and set the new drive as master. All works fine.

I wonder though if there is a problem with the old drive if you have to save their pc?. Does it boot up?

  5ean 09:46 08 May 04

yep it's full up! Problem is moving the stuff. I can't afford to go spending £40 on ghost. I may just put it in as an extra

  Rayuk 15:40 08 May 04

What make is the new hard drive.

  temp003 16:29 08 May 04

If the new hdd is made by one of the bigger hdd makers, try Rayuk's suggestion first. On their website they have free downloadable software which can copy everything from the old hdd, and make the new hdd bootable - whatever the OS.

If the hdd manufacturer does not have such software, you can try xxcopy as suggested by Woodchip. For 98 and ME, after using xxcopy to copy everything, you can use a boot floppy and use the sys c: command to make the new hdd bootable. If the OS is XP, you need the XP CD, enter Recovery Console, and use a few commands to make the new hdd bootable (or do a repair installation).

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