Copy Vinyl to PC

  ThePharcyde007 19:12 10 Jun 04

How do I copy my lovely vinyls to my PC

Obviously I use the input on my soundcard no probs here, but what software can I use?


  Totally-braindead 19:23 10 Jun 04

If you look at your PC Advisor mag from a couple of months ago it has all the info there.

  THE TERMINATOR 21:21 10 Jun 04

go click here this program records in mp3 and has no time boundaries.

  curlylad 21:28 10 Jun 04

I use this , it's bang on !Audio Cleaning Lab Deluxe 2004.Have a look here click here

  griffon 56 23:48 10 Jun 04

Steinberg Clean 4.0 is good and costs about £25 with connecting cable twin phono to single stereo sound card input jack. Steinberg also does a Clean Plus which has a pre-amp in case you can't connect to your hi-fi amp or just want to feed direct from a turntable. I use Clean 4.0 and it does a good job of getting rid of unwanted noise inherent in vinyl like hiss, crackles and rumble.
Good luck with it.

  goonerbill 00:13 11 Jun 04

this has come up a few times in this forum. do a search on the subject and there are indepth guides on what you need and do.

sorry dont have time to find them as off to bed up early for work

  Dark Knight 00:20 11 Jun 04

I ditto goonerbill... I was in the very same situation and posted the same question not two weeks ago.

I had the problem of not finding any other posts due to incorrect search criteria (was using "record" and "lp") thus try whacking vinyl in the search box and you will get reams of discussions.

Personally I use Nero (with wave editor) to capture the records and save to cd etc. I had (still have) a problem however of sound from only two speakers upon saving to CD (wave and MP3 files are OK) - not sure if this is a nero thing or a common trend with vinyl!!


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