copy from vidio cassette to computer

  rmriph 12:58 31 Aug 04

Hi, any help please i have just had some super 8 films of the kids transfered to a vidio now i am thnking of trying to get them on to the computer then make a CD,i am OK with the Cd making but a bit lost on how to get them in the computer.Many thanks

  cga 13:07 31 Aug 04

You need a video capture card and an interface cable (scart on one end and plugs of your capture card and soundcard line in on the other).

Then you need some capture software.

  cga 13:16 31 Aug 04

Sorry - I should have been a little more helpful.

If this does not put you off then you need to start with your capture card. See what your local store has - there are a wide range available (Hercules, Pinnacle etc). Most will come bundled with some software but there is also downloadablle 30day free trial software from ULEAD (very good).

Cable is the easy bit but it is important that the SCART socket has a direction switch on it.

Hope this helps.

  rmriph 13:20 31 Aug 04

Thank you for your help i will digest the info then give it a try

  SEASHANTY 15:58 31 Aug 04

Or you could purchase a DVD recorder. Connect your VCR with the VHS tape to the DVD recorder using a scart to scart connection. And record the VHS tape
direct to DVD recordable disc in real time. See this previous PCA thread on recordable DVD
click here

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