Copy Video from disc to disc

  ponytail 23 Feb 13

My cousin in Australia has send me a DVD he made with his video camera showing where lives and his family.I ould like to send my brother in Spain a copy and I alsohave a brother in Manchester who would like to see it but what is the best way to make a couple of copies.Not sure what program to use as have never done this before

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 Feb 13

WHat DD burning software do you use?

Nero has a disk copy option nero here

  difarn 23 Feb 13

You could copy the DVD to your hard drive and then drag copies of it onto two flash drives if they have pc's. It is just a matter then for them to insert the usb drive into their pc's and drag the video onto their pc for playback with whatever media player they have.

Another alternative is something like Dropbox a cloud storage system. Each person has a Dropbox folder on their pc and whatever is placed in this folder is synchronised between them. Link here.

  difarn 23 Feb 13

Meant to put a link to this information about Dropbox.

  ponytail 23 Feb 13

Hi difarn what is the procedure for copying to a hard drive but I would need to do a copy to a disc as my brother in Manchester does not have PC

  lotvic 23 Feb 13

ponytail, you need to tell us what programs you have already for disk copying as one of them may be all you need to burn a copy easily. If not, then we can make suggestions for downloading a freebie. After you have copied the dvd to your harddrive, it's very similar to the way you burnt your mp3s to a CD.

  ponytail 24 Feb 13

Hi Guys sorry for being so long in coming back to you I do not have any programs for disc copying so if you know a decent freebie would be grateful for the info.If I could put it onto a hard hard then I could do one copy to a DVD and one copy onto a flash drive.Sounds simple I know and probably is to you guys but not to me.Thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 24 Feb 13

see my link to nero above

  ponytail 25 Feb 13

Hi Fruit Bat/\O/\ I installed ashampoo and I was able to copy from disc to disc using this program now going to try and see if I can burn a MP3 disc see my other post


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