Copy program from Free CD to Hard Drive?

  Bareill 14:53 13 Jan 04

I want to copy the Hutchinson Science Reference Suite to my hard drive to save me inserting the free PC Advisor disk (Feb 2004) every time I run the program. Any one got any ideas. I have loaded all that I can see relating to the program but it still refers back to the cd-rom data.
Thanks for any response.

  woodchip 15:15 13 Jan 04

You need software do do what you want, CD emulation
click here

  Bareill 20:52 13 Jan 04

Thanks woodchip. Firstly for the quick response and secondly for the link. I'll try it out and let you know.
Thanks again

  Bareill 21:38 13 Jan 04

Thanks again woodchip. VirtualDriver done the trick. I may just purchase the full program. I have a very large harddrive so I can put plenty on it.
Thanks again.

  Simsy 07:26 14 Jan 04

I suspect that you installed the prog from the CD and, subsequently, copied the relevant files to your HDD...

The problem you experienced was because during the installation entries were made in the registry that told the prog where to look for the stuff it needs while running, i.e. the CD drive...

If you had copied the files from CD to HDD first, and run the setup.exe from the HDD, then you could have run the prog and it would have looked on the HDD for the stuff it needs while running.

The solution you have achieved may well be better anyway because of compression used. I'm just trying to explain what happened?

I hope it helps anyone who may read this..



  woodchip 11:40 14 Jan 04

It does not work like that even when you copy and load from the Hard Drive. there is INF file telling the program where to look for the cd info, not where it's setup from, although in some instences this will work

  Hyperangelic 12:18 14 Jan 04

I copied the files to the hard drive and installed from there and it worked fine. I was asked to set it up for a colleague and she has had no problems using it...

  Simsy 12:49 14 Jan 04

I'm prepared to stand corrected...

It obviously varies according to the software in question.



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