Copy and paste not working in IE 10

  john bunyan 06 Jul 13

I have W7, IE10. In IE 10 copy and paste is not working, although it was yesterday. I ran sfc/scannow, still did not work. It does, however, work in Chrome.Can anyone suggest a fix as I prefer IE 10 as all my favorites etc are there.

  john bunyan 06 Jul 13

I seem to remember something about Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, but cannot recall what it was...

  john bunyan 06 Jul 13

System restore to yesterday has fixed it - do not know why! Also Speckie was not working - now it is so something happened! A mystery...

  lotvic 06 Jul 13

I seem to recall that there was an issue with Skype Click to Call that causes the Copy & Paste function to not function, but think that was to do with Office not Internet Explorer.

  john bunyan 06 Jul 13


I do not have Skype on the desktop. Whatever it was, the system restore fixed it. Curious that it stopped Speckie and copy / Paste in IE10 but not in Chrome. One of life's little mysteries. BTW before the system restore I tried normal restart and sfc/ scannow.


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