copy and paste many items?

  mimomii 21:18 01 Jun 07

hi, is it possible to copy different sections of a text at once and paste them one at a time on Windows XP? Or do i have to do a word at a time and copy/paste individually?

  VoG II 21:33 01 Jun 07

Is this in MS Office? If so, which version?

  Hawy 23:20 01 Jun 07

I think you are after a "Multi Clipboard" something like this click here haven't tried it myself.

  acxxxx 00:34 02 Jun 07

In Ms Office its possible to 'copy' different sections of text,

Highlight the first word or sentence you want.
Press and hold down Ctrl.
Highlight the next word or sentence you want.

However when you paste you get 'everything' that was highlighted and copied. Unless you try the suggestion by Hawy I don’t know of a way to paste the text back individually.

  mimomii 02:23 02 Jun 07

i'm writing on 'MS Word'; i copy a section and paste it elsewhere. I then copy another part and paste again. This continues about 10 times -copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and paste... Can't i copy everthing i need in one go, and paste a part at a time. Only one time copying, and one pasting. Is that possible?

  missingit 08:04 02 Jun 07

This any use,I find it quite useful.
click here

  BT 08:37 02 Jun 07

What I do is to open up Notepad and minimize it then paste the separate items sequentially into it. When I have all the bits assembled, its then easy enough to copy the whole lot at once or bits of it as required.
Alternatively open a second document in Word and switch between them.

  jack 10:05 02 Jun 07

As I understand it the 'CopyBoard' is a single shot option- copy something- can be a large chunk too]and paste to the ultimate destination.
The next'Copy' action automatically clears the board.
So you will need an third party program of some sort perhaps as mentioned above.

  VoG II 10:15 02 Jun 07

This may help click here

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