Copy and paste has stopped working

  john bunyan 16:21 PM 13 Jun 13

Windows 7, IE 10, all up to date. Recently Copy and paste has stopped working for me in this forum and in IE10 in general. It works in Word. Any ideas?

  john bunyan 16:23 PM 13 Jun 13

Specifically, the copy bit appears to work but when I right click to paste there is no response at all.

  john bunyan 16:39 PM 13 Jun 13

For an equally unknown reason, it is now working. I did a system restore to earlier today, having tried resetting the hosts file to default (as seen on another thread). I guess I should have let sleeping dogs lie!!

  compumac 17:28 PM 13 Jun 13

I have had this in reverse. Only today Word would not copy and paste to itself or any other application, but outside of that it did. I rebooted and then we were back to normal. I have had this happen once or three times recently and each time it was in relation to Word 2007. Rebooting cured it each time. - (Not sure I should have said that knowing my luck)


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