copy and missing files

  edee66 20:36 27 Mar 05

I was here recently regarding obtaining a copy of my website for editing. Thanks to you here I got one (using import in FrPge). However some files I find are missing and after editing pages and uploading, sometimes they remain unchanged. In the copy folder I noticed (unlike my last copy) there is no 'public ftp' folder or or html come to that. I also get the odd crash when using 'view in browser' Doing something wrong obviously.

  Forum Editor 01:15 28 Mar 05

in the FrontPage web on the server. It won't import directories that it didn't create in the first place - certainly not a folder called 'public ftp'. I'm not sure what you mean when you say there's no html - all your pages are coded in html.

If you want all the files that are in your server space, including those not created by FrontPage, you can transfer them using an FTP program.

  edee66 13:05 28 Mar 05

All my (web)pages were created in FP. I put some graphics on the home page (from images folder)and simply changed some fonts but whenever I try to upload (from FP or c/panel) nothing changes?


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