Copy DVD created from SKY + to hard drive.

  manrow 16:55 22 Jun 08

I have finally managed to understand how to create DVDs from programmes recorded on Sky + hard drive, as these have been properly finalised on to +R discs. They play fine on my desktop's dvd drives.

But using Nero 8 I can find no way to copy them on to my desktop hard drive before splitting them into separate programmes (with Nero), and then burning onto DVD disks. So since these are not commercially recorded disks do they need 'ripping' first?

Apologies if silly question but us seniors find the technology a tad confusing sometimes!

  eedcam 18:13 22 Jun 08

Is the dvd in dvd video format ie does it show up as a Video_ ts folder. If so should be able to edit them and split as required.Personally dont think much of nero and if you only intend to cut and maybe remove adverts You might find video re do ample .Alas its not free but the trial is and fully working click here
You might also consider a freeburner Img burn to rip to hard drive and burn when required
click here much better at it than nero

  eedcam 18:14 22 Jun 08

Sorry yes best if its ripped first

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