Copy DVD onto 2 discs

  VNAM75 14:58 30 Jan 12

I have a 8gb dvd that I want to back up to two 4.7gb discs, bearing in mind that I only have 1 dvd drive (RW) on my pc. What is the easiset way to do this? I've used dvd santa/shrink before but I doubt that you can compress it by 50% to fit on to one disc?

  markd71 15:30 30 Jan 12

Depends on what it is

  eedcam 19:10 30 Jan 12

If its a film Shrink is more than adequate it wont be 8G to start with and the average compression is around 30%

  VNAM75 19:54 30 Jan 12

Thanks, its a concert dvd. I guess its dual layer because its an 8gb single disc. Theres a dvd split mode in clone dvd which I will try but I only have 1 dvd drive on the pc, so I will have to put it all on the hard drive and copy it from that.

  markd71 22:13 30 Jan 12
  eedcam 22:27 30 Jan 12

VNAM its straight forward Open the dvd in shrink it will show the compression rate remember it is showing the amount backwords in otherwords if it showhs 70% that is actually only 30% compression 60% would be 40% and so on .Then choosing backup either to folder or Iso image I prefer the latter . Once it has done that you can then view the video if it seems ok then just burn it to dvd with whatever you normally use

  VNAM75 23:22 30 Jan 12

Thanks for the help. I've done it now, used clone dvd's split disc option to create 2 folders, Disc 1 and 2. Each folder is 4gb in size and contains a video ts and audio ts folder (which is empty). Burnt each folder normally onto separate discs.

Just for future reference, is it possible to compress a dvd by 50% ie. fit an 8gb movie/concert dvd on to a standard 4.7gb disc?

  eedcam 09:43 31 Jan 12

Yes no problem in fact doubt if the concert is 8GB even blockbuster 3hourmovies are only around the 7 and abit gig..Dont forget you may allso have some dross on the dvd thats not needed like extra soundtracks or intreviews .These can be removed prior to compresing in shrink by using reauthore but you lose the menus or in clonedvd whicj using copytitles still retains the menu

  VNAM75 20:31 31 Jan 12

Thanks, I would have preferred to have had it on 1 disc because the main menu with all the song titles is on disc 1, so half of the songs that are on Disc 2 won't be accessible without putting in the second disc.

Its a 7.98gb dvd disc to be exact. One of those farewell concerts lasting about 3 hours.

  eedcam 22:35 31 Jan 12

OK I doubt youd notice the diference qualitywise putting it all on one disc

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