copmuter case speaker

  micemews 15:00 09 Jul 06

A friend of mine has just purchased a new pc. It seems to be operating ok escept that there are no beeps coming from within the case on startup, nor is there any sound when the dial up modem is dialing. Can anyone give a possible explanation for this and if possible how to fix it.

  Starfox 15:35 09 Jul 06

Could be just as simple as the speaker has never been connected, or the wire came loose in transit.

  DieSse 19:50 09 Jul 06

Many modern modems do not have speakers or sounders on the modem board. Some will output (dialing) sounds through regular loudspeakers, if attached and turned up.

Some modern cases do not have a system speaker fitted, as a lot of newer motherboards do have a sounder on the motherboard. If there is neither - then no start up beeps!

A look inside should reveal all.

  SG Atlantis® 21:54 09 Jul 06

"copmuter" is this a device that will make cops quiet, make them mute? just kidding, lol.

DieSse's explanation is right...

where was the machine bought from?

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