Copies from DVD-rom to DVD-rw

  likedamaster 13:56 28 Jan 06

I have a big problem with my dvdrom drive, I used to could copy cds from one drive to another. For example, I have a DVD-rom drive and a CD-RW drive. Since then I have bought a DVD-rw drive and replaced my CD-RW drive and now I can't copy cds like I used to. About halfway through making a copy an error code pops up and I can't continue, so not only can't I finish copying a cd but I can no longer use that "half-copied" cd!!! Was it something I did wrong when I installed the new DVD-rw? What can I do to fix that problem of not being able to make copies from one drive to another? Can anyone help?

  stalion 13:59 28 Jan 06

did you set the jumpers on the new dvd-rw drive to slave

  pj123 14:45 28 Jan 06

Let us know what O/S you are using? What model DVD burner you have? What burning software you have?

  likedamaster 15:25 28 Jan 06

stalion, I had the jumpers on Master.. changed them to Slave now it's working fine. Must've accidentally put them on master. Thank u

  likedamaster 15:30 28 Jan 06

Why do the drives with the jumpers on master, slave etc. work that way? And if installed incorrectly, respond as such? I just want to gain a little more knowledge on this and maybe this post could be of help to others as well.

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