Coolermaster Cooldrive 4 - Need Help

  Pikachu 15:22 22 Jan 04

Ive just purchased a Coolermaster CoolDrive 4 click here now the problem is that it comes with 3 pin connectors for the VGA, CPU and the Case and dont know where they go. For instance my CPU's heatsink is connected to the motherboard, now where does this extra 3 pin connector fit? I suppose it needs to be connected I guess from the CPU heatsink to the cooldrive so I can monitor and manage the temp. Will I need a 3 pin fan power splitter that will do this? The instructions provided by Coolermaster are the worst, ive always loved there work but they should have explained thinsg more clearer. Also where do I put the probes that come with the cooldrive is it on the COM port found on teh cooldrive?

I hope I made my explanation clear. Thanks for all responses

  johnnyrocker 15:42 22 Jan 04

have you tried using the installation guide from their website? seems pretty comprehensive to me.


  Pikachu 15:51 22 Jan 04

Yep tried the installation guide on teh website but found it not very helpful :(

  johnnyrocker 16:05 22 Jan 04

well it seems clear enough to me, it covers the fans installation of where the tem sensors go and everything.


The fan's are only there as a guide as to what you could connect the fan's to.

The probe's should go i think on the back, probably near the LCD screen....

I will do some research but am sure that i am right i will ask a friend who should probably know..

  johnnyrocker 16:10 22 Jan 04

says in the on site install instructions where they go.


  Pikachu 16:31 22 Jan 04

Found where the probes go, yes near the LCD screen and there marked in the instrcutions of which deivce goes into what connection. The main issue is with these wires as the supplied wires have 3 connectors and the fan that I have only has two :( so I guess I cant control the speed. In regarding the VGA do I take out the connection of the fan which is on the graphics card, leaving the heatsink of the graphics intact, and connect the two pin cable of the graphics fan to the supplied 3 pin connector of the cooldrive? As I dont want to fry my graphics card

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