Coolermaster Aero 7+ (Socket A)

  davy_b 19:02 28 Jan 04

Is this fan and heatsink any good and quiet? I am considering putting it on an amd athlon 3200xp+ ?
Also will it fit onto the asus A7N8E - deluxe motherboard because i have read that there are 5 capacitors around the CPU socket and it may be a toght squeeze. I also wont be overclocking the CPU.

  Rayuk 19:50 28 Jan 04

These have a front drive bay or backplate with a fan adjuster on them,on high they are quite loud slower = quiter.
Think you will find that the capacitors mainly get in the way of heat sinks that are fastened to the holes in the motherboard not the clip type.

If you could stretch to it I would recommend a Thermalright SLK800 about same price as Aero7+ but you have to buy a fan seperately.[You can now buy 80mm silent fans,which still give excellent cooling]

  Rayuk 19:51 28 Jan 04

Forgot to add this link for reviews of various fans
click here

  goonerbill 19:52 28 Jan 04

the fan is good at its job. heres link to the web site click here

dont know about it having trouble with asus boards

  davy_b 20:14 28 Jan 04

cheers chaps,
goonerbill is the fan loud?

  clayton 20:20 28 Jan 04

if you turn it up full speed you will hear it, fitted to my asus a7n8x-e delux.

  clayton 20:22 28 Jan 04

Also have you seen this click here


I have the fan fitted to an A7N8X, I have just turned it up to highest and would say that it is still quieter than many others, when turned to low I cannot hear it above the noise of the case fans - Coolermaster

Best wishes & HTH

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