cooler master ram sinks.

  Mysticnas 10:06 23 Apr 03

just got some cooler master cooper RAM sink coolers a few days ago.

just wondering if there's anything i should now before i put them on?

oh and i have brought 2 packs. there's 8 sinks in each pack. i have 2 stick of 512 DDR ram. there are chips on both sides of the sticks. so what is the best way of putting them on.

i mean i don't have enough sinks to cover all the sinks on both ram sticks. so do i:

A) cover only one stick completely?

B) cover only one side of both sticks?

C) cover both sides of both sticks on every other chip?

much appreciated...


  -pops- 10:41 23 Apr 03

Should there be a fourth alternative?

D) do you need them there at all?

My 1GB of RAM doesn't get particularly hot and any heat it may generate is taken care of by the case ventilation.

This is not meant to be facetious, I am interested to know if RAM overheating is a real problem as I have never found it to be so.


  Mysticnas 10:51 23 Apr 03

i'm going to overclock... :o)

thats why i got the heat sinks.

when i clock my CPU the memory clocks too.

so i don't wanna burn it out.

  -pops- 10:57 23 Apr 03


  Mysticnas 10:58 23 Apr 03

try and clock my p4 2.4 to just under 3Ghz :o)

  Offline 11:06 23 Apr 03

I hope we dont't end up with fans on the RAM as well, floppy drive heatsink & fan?, USB 2 card heatsink & fan?..

  Mysticnas 11:11 23 Apr 03


  Big Elf 11:16 23 Apr 03

I've got a Thermaltake fan on my RAM.

  Mysticnas 11:19 23 Apr 03

simple heatsink on my brigde... is there anything better i can get for it?

  Big Elf 11:28 23 Apr 03

I think so click here

  Mysticnas 11:31 23 Apr 03

site that you could send your case to to have it modded, but i can't remember what it was.

can anyone?

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