Cookies - Might I get problems if I remove them?

  Guady 12:58 03 Nov 06

I have recently installed McAfee Total Protection and it has alerted me to the fact that I am collecting many Cookies! It has put some in Quarantine (I think) but having looked in the Cookies folder, I see that I have hundreds - some of them dating back to when I got my PC 3 or so years ago. My question is: - If I delete all the Cookies in the folder, am I likely to run into difficulties when I access sites? It's not really the Privacy aspect that bothers me, so much as all the files "clogging up" the PC.
What does everyone think - Delete them all, Leave them All where they are - or go through and try to identify which I might want?

  octal 13:05 03 Nov 06

No, it won't do any harm deleting them, it might even speed things up a bit if there are old redundant cookies in there. Just be aware if you let the computer automatically sign you into sites you might lose that facility until you re-sign in again.

  Diemmess 13:08 03 Nov 06

As octal

I deliberately wipe them off by regular use of CCleaner. Yes it may slow access to a favourite site, but in return there is no lingering doubbt about which are genuine and any that might be sinister.

  Totally-braindead 13:22 03 Nov 06

I'm with the others here. The only problem I have ever had with deleting cookies is having to log back in a website using my name and email address. I've never had any problem as such deleting any cookies. And I delete them every couple of weeks and have done for years.

  anskyber 13:30 03 Nov 06

Yes ditto to that. I have ZoneAlarm which is set up to clear cookies and temporary internet files at closedown each day.

It does however allow me to "save" the ones I want so that I do not have to re-enter log ins and so on.

  Belatucadrus 15:21 03 Nov 06

CCleaner allows you to set what cookies to keep, mine leaves PCAdvisor and a few other carefully selected ones well alone. All others get cleared as I usually run CCleaner once a week.

  ACOLYTE 15:25 03 Nov 06

I use Ccleaner and it a good bit of kit i also use cookie wall to monitor cookies that come on the pc,i get notified about all cookies that have been received,then i can delete straight away and it block's that cookie from coming on my pc again,well worth having IMO.

  woodchip 15:50 03 Nov 06

I delete all mine each time I shut down

  Guady 16:20 03 Nov 06

Thanks for your help - it's always good to hear what others think.

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