Cookies that disappear

  millie 20:28 10 Feb 04

My brother-in-law is having cookie trouble. He has just discovered eBay which obviously uses cookies. He has changed his settings so that he can into eBay and allow cookies and everything is fine for several days and then all of a sudden he gets an error message to do with the cookies and is unable to get into the eBay site again. Any ideas?

  VoG II 21:30 10 Feb 04

Is he using any "cleaning" programs?

  millie 22:06 10 Feb 04

Don't know the answer to that one. What sort of 'cleaning'do you mean? I know he runs a virus checker but he's not very computer literate and I'm probably not much better although I do run several different things like checking for adware, spyware etc and clear out the usual things like in disk cleanup.

  VoG II 22:09 10 Feb 04

I mean something like click here - it is an excellent program but earlier versions would zap your cookies whatever options you selected.

  millie 23:03 10 Feb 04

Looks a very useful site will be giving it a go myself. I shall get him to take a look/download and see if it helps to sort his problem out.
Thanks for your advice.

  VoG II 23:06 10 Feb 04

Erm, no; what I meant was to try NOT running programs like that!

  millie 15:28 11 Feb 04

Sorry, I see what you mean now, told you I wasn't much good at this sort of thing. Very much doubt he knows these programs even exists I had to install him virus software a few weeks ago as it didn't come with his system and never thought to get it installed!!

Will check with him about clearing cookies just in case he is clearing them out too regularly. I clear mine out every so often and not had any problems. How often should they be cleared out? I checked with the IT dept where I work and was told it didn't hurt to clear them out now and then.

  R4 16:37 11 Feb 04

Is the AntiVirus software set up to 'inhibit' or 'Delete' Cookies

  millie 20:34 11 Feb 04

Honestly don't know. Unfortunately we don't live local to each other so it's not easy to 'pop' round to check. I shall have to email/telephone and try to find out or actually go over to see him and take a look at his system. Have looked at other 'cookie' threads on this site and have at got a few ideas to go on. Thanks for everyone's help. If anyone does have any more idea's they'd be welcome.

  millie 20:36 12 Feb 04

Have found out that he uses a spyware application. Could this be his problem?

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