Cookies Deleted

  ened 06:57 08 May 06

I'm not even sure if this is a problem but it has been worrying me all night as I hate unexplained occurences.
I put my computer on yesterday morning and visited this Forum and did some browsing.
I normally leave the machine on all day after the first switch on.
In the afternoon I tried to log-on to the Forum again and it asked me for my user name and password.

I haven't had to do this since the new format was introduced.
I then tried other sites, where logging in is normally automatic, to discover I needed to re-enter the info. into all of them.

I suspect my cookies have been deleted but I am nearly certain I didn't do it.

I have run antivirus, Spybot and Adaware which all showed a clean bill of health.

I need to understand how this can have happened.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:06 08 May 06

Do you have ccleaner or similar installed and if so did you run it?

Running the system clean up tool may also do it.

  ened 07:08 08 May 06

I don't use it and did no maintenance to the machine yesterday.

In fact as far as I can remember all I did yesterday was browse and burn some photos to a dvd.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:10 08 May 06

Oh well, one of those mysteries! Maybe when you were looking at stuff like the system performance you inadvertently made some changes somewhere...

  €dstowe 07:17 08 May 06

My father said the other day:

There's logic in computing but not in computers.

  ened 07:18 08 May 06

Could be, could well be and my memory isn't what it used to be. But I am usually extremely careful as I didn't want the inconvenience of having to re-enter everything (especially as I had to search for some of the info).

Unless someone can suggest an explanation I shall have to put it down to noe of life's little mysteries.

I just hope it isn't the tip of a more serious iceberg!

  ened 07:23 08 May 06

Sorry: that response was written before €dstowe.

  UncleP 12:38 08 May 06

Some days ago I had to log on manually to this site on three or four occasions. It didn't happen with other sites, and eventually the problem went away. I couldn't find anything wrong - hadn't changed anything relevant as far as I am aware - and wrote it off as either a corrupted cookie (leaves a bad taste in the mouth!) or something external to my computer.

Not much help, I'm afraid.

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