Cookies backup

  O2 14:34 22 May 09

I've just compared a newly exported cookies text file (IE8 with Vista Home Premium) with the contents of the cookies folder. There doesn't seem to be anywhere near as many cookies in the backup as there are in the folder. I'd be grateful if anyone could explain why. Many thanks.

  lotvic 22:39 23 May 09

^ bump to top for you
(don't know about the cookies)

  woodchip 22:57 23 May 09

I sweep all mine when I turn PC's off

  lotvic 01:13 24 May 09

me too, I don't keep Cookies

  O2 10:44 24 May 09

Thank you, lotvic and woodchip. However, in my case there are cookies which I need to keep. I wonder if anyone else could shed light on my original query? Thanks.

  woodchip 13:25 24 May 09

Why not save them, the ones you want to a floppy disc so you can put them back as and when you want

  O2 13:38 24 May 09

Thanks, again, Woodchip. I have no problem in saving them. I'm just interested to know why the the exported cookies not exactly the same as those in the cookie folder?

  carmichy 13:48 24 May 09

Maybe you should just buy a new cookie jar and keep them in there. It is good advice not to take too many out at the one time or you may be caught with your hand in the cookie jar.. Oops misplaced humour.


  O2 15:08 24 May 09

Thanks, Carmichy. Humour?

  ACOLYTE 15:47 24 May 09

Might be that some were session cookies and those get deleted when you resart IE or the pc.

  O2 15:59 24 May 09

Acolyte - thank you for the suggestion. I'll check on that one.

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