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  morddwyd 09 Jun 13

I know there are plenty of cookie management programmes available, but I'm looking for particular type, one that allows you to accept or reject as they set, rather than look up a list.

There is a superb little programme called Cookie Pal but it is only compatible with Opera and IE.

Anybody know of anything similar for Chrome and FF.

I've had a browse through extensions and add-ons but didn't flag up anything that really fitted the bill.

  northumbria61 09 Jun 13

There are some cookie managers amongst this lot for Firefox.hereenter link description here

  northumbria61 09 Jun 13

I prefer the Chocolate Chip ones myself!

  morddwyd 09 Jun 13

Like I said, there are plenty available, but I'm looking for a specific facility,like Opera has built in.

  lotvic 09 Jun 13

In Firefox you can set it to 'ask me every time' click on Tools | Options | and the Privacy tab and then in the drop down menu for 'Keep until:' choose 'ask me every time' then you get a pop up box every time a cookie is sent asking if you want to allow or Deny etc.

  Woolwell 09 Jun 13

You can get IE10 (probably earlier versions too) to prompt for cookies IE security settings.

  Green 1 10 Jun 13

I use Cookie Wall, I think it's what your looking for, hope this helps.

  morddwyd 10 Jun 13


That FF method was a bit deeply embedded and I hadn't found it!

Never used IE, but I'll have a look at Cookie Wall.

  morddwyd 10 Jun 13

Update -

Cookie Wall is IE only, but the FF fix is working.

Still looking for something for Chrome!


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