Converting *.WPT documents

  Switcher 01 May 03

A friend has given me a disk with some lectures which were created on a "Brothers" word processing M/C and would like them converted to be read on his shiny new PC using Microsoft Works 2002.

The documents have the extension *.wpt and are not recognised by any of the usual Word processors on my PC. Can anyone suggest how I can convert these.

  PurplePenny 01 May 03

.wpt is a WordPerfect file extension. It is used for templates now but I believe that it was also used for documents by older versions of WP.

You could try changing the extension to .wpd then it should be recognised as a WordPerfect file and converted by MS.


  Switcher 02 May 03

Thanks for your advice PP.

I tried as you suggested with WPWIN 5.2 but response was UNKNOWN FORMAT.

I will hunt out my old DOS WP5.1 programme and try that.

  DieSse 02 May 03

It's a format specific to Brother - not Word Perfect - and there's no converters that I know of.

In Word, when you do File - Open - look in the File Type pull down at the bottom of the file selection windows for "Recover Text from any File"

This at least should give you a useable document which you can cut and paste into a shiny new Word document.

  Pesala 02 May 03

Ever had that funny feeling that you read the exact same question before, saw the exact same wrong answer, and the exact same solution?

I am sure this one came up before. I think there is a way to convert these files.

  Pesala 02 May 03

How do I convert my files for use on a PC?

All models offer ASCII conversion. Convert your Brother word processing file to ASCII format or vice versa. The file can now be read by most PC word processing programs. Some models offer PC/WP conversion software. This program is contained on one of the disks shipped with your unit. If your model offers this program on disk, install the PC/WP Conversion software program that comes with your unit onto the C drive on the PC. This program is a DOS program, not a window's program. Insert the conversion software disk into your A or B drive an type INSTALL at either the A: or B: prompt to install. Once the program is installed, you can convert from Brother format to any of the major programs or vice versa. To convert a file, type CONVERT at the C: prompt. Follow the steps outlined on the display and in your users guide.

  DieSse 02 May 03

Yes it has come up before, and yes the files were accidentally mis-identified as Word Perfect. And yes, the Brother solution is a new one on me - but for sure the "Recover text from any file" works, as I have done it myself.

  Switcher 02 May 03


Unfortunately the Brother WP has gone to meet it's departed brothers otherwise would have tried your suggestion.


Thanks problem solved or will be once I show friend how to manually remove formatting characters.


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