Converting wmmp to avi,mpeg etc. Please help!

  jspeirs 12:13 08 Sep 06

I have recently made a windows movie project and wish to upload it to the internet although the file is not supported. Can someone please help me with how i can convert this format to avi, mpeg, etc. Please.

  johnnyrocker 12:20 08 Sep 06

click here
and keep to one posting as it confuses matters, please mark one post as resolved.


  jspeirs 12:23 08 Sep 06

hey dude, i asked for help on this topic not your opinion on how i should post!

  johnnyrocker 12:34 08 Sep 06

it is a forum rule 'dude'


  johnnyrocker 12:36 08 Sep 06

click here=
a little self help works wonders.


  jspeirs 12:50 08 Sep 06

Gee thanks for that, too bad i have already looked there. "Self help works wonders", you should try it mate!

  GroupFC 12:54 08 Sep 06

You will not be able to upload a WMM file to the internet! This is only a project file and is not a completed movie.

In order to finish the movie you will need to select "Finish Movie" (I think - I am doing this from work rather than home so can't check), and you will get a number of options. I always save to the HD in the first instance. If you then follow the "save movie wizard". You will eventually come to a window, which gives a number of choices of format (you may need to select "show more options" or words to that effect). Make your choice of format etc and Robert is your mother's brother!

You will then have movie on your HD, ready to do as you wish with!

Have a look through here click here, which is quite useful for basic MovieMaker stuff.


  johnnyrocker 12:58 08 Sep 06

if insufficient info in the first place is posted then mistakes will happen.


  GroupFC 12:59 08 Sep 06

A little more patience and use of the program help files would also go a long way to you getting the help you need!

I meant to add that the supported formats for finished movies in MovieMaker are somewhat limited (from recollection only WMV and AVI). If you want other formats you will need to save the movie as an avi file (so that nothing is lost in the compression of the film), and then use other s/ware to convert to another format.

  jspeirs 13:09 08 Sep 06

Thanks for your help GroupFC it's greatly appreciated.

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