converting text in Excel

  csmum 13:24 12 Oct 05

I've copied date from Access to Excel and one number column is in TEXT - I need it in number format so I can sort the data.

Have tried the options suggested in Help (VALUE, Paste Special) but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

  xania 13:35 12 Oct 05

Select the column/row in question then:


  csmum 13:37 12 Oct 05

..forgot to say I've tried that one as well!

  Simsy 14:51 12 Oct 05

another column, next to where you want it

Format this new col as number

paste special into the new column, using values

delete original col.

(It could be that your originals, despite looking like numbers, are, in fact, text. If there was/is a space(s) somewhere in the cell I think that would cause the symptons you describe.)

Does that work?



  csmum 18:32 12 Oct 05

No, that didn't work either! Despite following the instructions (insert, format, copy, paste special) the info was copied as text - well it is left aligned and doesn't sort numerically.

Any other ideas?

  VoG II 20:55 12 Oct 05

Paste into Notepad, copy from Notepad and paste into Excel.

I'm surprised that =VALUE() didn't work.

  csmum 14:59 13 Oct 05

The notebook route worked! I did try the =Value() route from scratch again just in case I'd done something daft but it still doesn't work.

At least I can now sort the data.

Thanks for your help.

  Adam Harris 16:21 13 Oct 05

There is a free program called ASAP Utilities which is the best add-on around. Go to click here for a free download.

This little baby does all the things you would expect Excel to do, and in fact Excel does do most of them...only in Excel it is hard to work out how to do them...!!!

  Monoux 17:44 13 Oct 05


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