Converting a Primary Partition to Logical

  Wild Thing 07:11 08 Jan 04


I want to convert one of my two Primary Partitions to a Logical one. I tried using PartitionMagic's convert option, but the option to convert it to a Logical partition was grayed out. The partition is empty (formatted), so I have no idea why this is happening.

I'm using Win XP.

Can someone please tell me what's going on, and how I can fix it?

Wild Thing

  temp003 08:12 08 Jan 04

I assume the primary partition you want to convert is not currently the active partition.

Normally a "logical drive" can only be created in an "extended partition". You first create the extended partition and within it you can create one or more logical drives.

Not familiar with Partition Magic myself, but PM must be able to do what you want, perhaps you need to convert the primary partition to extended first, then to logical drive?

Otherwise, if you're using XP and the partition you want to convert happens to be empty, and if the partition is not the active partition (XP calls it the System Partition), then you can simply delete the partition, then from the new unpartitioned space, create an extended partition, then create a logical drive within the extended partition. (Not exactly a conversion, but the end result is the same, but you do have to format the new partition again.)

To do this in XP, click Start, Run, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter.

In the lower half, against the entry for Disk0, you should see your current partitions. Right click the partition and select Delete Partition. confirm the action. That area will become unpartitioned space. right click and select create new partition. Then select extended partition. Enter the size, which should be the whole of the space. The area now becomes free space. Right click and select Create logical drive. You'll be prompted for size and which file system to format it with. Do those things and wait for the formatting to finish (i.e. until you see the word Healthy). Then you can exit Disk Management.

  Wild Thing 16:34 08 Jan 04


Yes, the partition is not active. I already have an extended partition. I tried deleting the partition and then creating it in the extended partition with PartitionMagic. That didn't work. The new partition is created as a Primary partition.

I'll try it in Windows and let you know.

Wild Thing

  Wild Thing 16:36 08 Jan 04


I tried deleting the drive, and creating a new one in Disk Management. In the wizard I get when I choose create new partition, there is only a choice for primary partition, and Logical and Extended are grayed out. I wonder why?

Thanks anyway,
Wild Thing

  Sheila-214876 16:38 08 Jan 04

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  alcudia 17:01 08 Jan 04

There is no reason why the instructions given earlier by temp003 should not have worked.

If you right click the free space in an extended partition in the lower section of the disc management window the option to choose new logical drive should be there.

I would start again by deleting whatever partion type you have at the moment and right click the unallocated portion and then choose new partition. If extended is not an option something is very wrong.

  Wild Thing 17:10 08 Jan 04


I might have found the problem.

In PM, I noticed that the problematic partition was the first on the disk, even before my Primary Active partition. So I've decided to resize my Primary active partition to fill the extra space, then resize it leaving a gap at the end, and transfer the newly created gap to a logical drive in the Logical partition!

I know that sounds unnecessarily complicated, but I don't think it is.

I'll be trying this out tomorrow after backing up my data. I'll update the post then.

Thanks all,
Wild Thing

  alcudia 21:27 08 Jan 04

That'll be it. It did actually cross my mind.
What you have suggested should work.

  Wild Thing 06:57 09 Jan 04

Hi all,

This time when I tried creating a new partition in PM, it gave me the option to create it as a Logical partition. I don't know why I didn't see this option earlier. It also automatically moved all the other partitions 'downward' for me!

Anyway, all's well now!

Thanks everyone!
Wild Thing

  alcudia 08:16 09 Jan 04

Have you been up all night?

Glad it's sorted.

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