Converting from one format to another

  geedad 21:08 03 Sep 11

I am trying to convert video files from TMPGenc (Pegasys) Extension .tda, to other formats ,say AV or mpeg etc. I have tried to use a couple of free Video converters, but none of them will accept this type of file (.tda). You may well ask why do I need to do this when the Pegasys software will edit and complete the file to a DVD? The reason is that the Pegasys software is superb at editing, and is one of the most simple ever for that purpose. However, I would like to transfer the edited video from Pegasys to another Authoring app., to enable better menu and transition facilities. Is there a (freebie?) application out there that can convert the .tda files ? geedad

  geedad 22:49 03 Sep 11

Lazarus The 2nd. Thanks for the correction! I see other people have the same problem. So it can't be solved? geedad

  lotvic 23:25 03 Sep 11

If the the Pegasys software will edit and complete the Project file to a DVD, why not do that and burn to DVD and then copy the DVD video files back to your pc and use whatever you want to further edit them.

  robin_x 08:28 04 Sep 11

This may help, or similar. is a great site for vid stuff anyway.

  Furkin 10:31 04 Sep 11

I needed to convert .MP4 to .rec to use with my Topfield PVR. Likewise, it seemed that it couldn't do done.

Someone on Toppy forum suggested PAZERA. This might only have been because upon installation there is a check-box for Toppy users, amongst others.

It enabled me to convert from .MP4 to .MPEG, then on to a streamclip to .rec.

Pazera may help you

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