Converting my Web Pages from .PSD to Front Page

  solvaworld2 12:19 PM 15 Oct 09


I have created pages for my website in Photoshop. I now need to convert them into a format FrontPage 2003 can read in order to edit them for publishing on web.

Can anyone help?


  sheila.weston 20:02 PM 25 Oct 09

May I put in my pennyworth? I should forget about Front Page 2003 - it will save a lot of time later if you go straight to Expression Web or Dreamweaver. I made my site with FP and then had a very stressful year or more converting it to EW. Front Page puts a lot of extra code on the pages, which is not approved of. See Tina Clarke's pages at click here.


  sheila.weston 20:07 PM 25 Oct 09

There is a page at click here which may be relevant - and some of the other tutorials may help.

  Forum Editor 23:57 PM 25 Oct 09

and then slice it for insertion into HTML tables. I assume you'll know how to slice Photoshop images, so do that, and then Use tables in FrontPage to create pages from the image slices.

FrontPage 2003 is getting a little long in the tooth now, and there have been no later versions - Microsoft has replaced FrontPage with Expression Web, which is extremely good.


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