converting files

  jakdripper 02:21 01 Apr 04

hi, does anyone know if its possible to convert avi files to mpeg? thanks

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 02:29 01 Apr 04

Need a 3rd party app plenty on net google it.


  matthew-293741 05:20 01 Apr 04

goto google and type in cucusoft...its a good application for what your after doing.

  y_not 06:31 01 Apr 04

Can I ask why you want to convert them?

Is it for video to be played on PC or to write to SVCD or DVD ... each has a slightly different format.

  jakdripper 19:43 02 Apr 04

thanks very much for your responses. to y not, it is to write to vcd/svcd cos for some reason my nero wont copy me vcd if my file is an avi, even though nero tells me it needs either an mpeg or avi to create vcd it only writes mpeg. thanks

  fuzzyone 19:51 02 Apr 04


download, divx and xvid codecs, this should solve your problem.

  woodchip 20:21 02 Apr 04

click here

click here

click here

To be going on with

  jakdripper 09:39 04 Apr 04

thanks to everyone for your help. i already have all codecs installed but my mother problem is actually converting avi to mpeg cos nero wont recognise avi when burning vcd. i'm currently downloading cucusoft which looks like it may be my problem solver, thanks again.

  bazb 11:53 04 Apr 04

click here

download the video convertor, and use the free evaluation.

have used it myself, a bit slow but does the job.

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