converting drive to Fat32 from NTFS

  dracsville 13:35 02 Sep 06

My 80gb drive is partitioned: NTFS = C D E; while F = Fat32 (which holds XP os). I wanted to convert 'C' to Fat32 in order to install Win98se. I've emptied 'C' in order to format the drive but was informed Windows couldn't do it. Any suggestions or is it just not possible..?

  SANTOS7 13:37 02 Sep 06

click here

this may help,good luck..

  ed-0 13:43 02 Sep 06

What are the sizes of your C,D, and E drives?

If its below 32Gb it should convert. It is unusual to have XP on the F drive, but not imposible to do, have you moved it from the C drive. have you got the page file on C?

" I've emptied 'C' in order to format the drive but was informed Windows couldn't do it."

Is that

could not format the drive


could not format it in fat32

have you gone to disk management, right click on the C drive, pick delete partition, the click on what should show as unallocated space and start the new partition wizard. You can convert it to fat32 from there.

  ed-0 14:04 02 Sep 06

to convert via disk management follow the images

click here

  EvertheOptimist 14:27 02 Sep 06

If you're still having probs, assuming the partition's not too small, Partition Magic is a ideal tool for this kind of work

  woodchip 15:06 02 Sep 06

Me, I would not try to convert. You are better deleting the Partition and create a new fat32 using Acronis DiscDirectore Suit 10 That's how I do it. Even using it for test purposes after creating a Image of the drive that I am going to change.

click here

click here

  SANTOS7 15:13 02 Sep 06

click here
this may help..

  woodchip 15:22 02 Sep 06

What's that got to do with NTFS and Fat32

I am lost

  SANTOS7 16:34 02 Sep 06

Absolutely NOTHING woodchip, doing three things at once and put link in wrong post. OH WELL i'll get me coat!!

  dracsville 17:47 02 Sep 06

Ed-O: I couldn't format the drive. My drive is an 80 gb and contains 4 equal partitions which were already when I bought the computer. I didn't specify the drive arrangement chosen by PCSpecialist, only that I wanted 4 partitions.

  ed-0 19:36 02 Sep 06

" I couldn't format the drive."

Then you may have system files or the paging file on that partition. If you do have system files on it and you did manage to format it, via third party software or a windows disk. You will probably find that you can not boot in to your windows installation.

You can test this. You say you have deleted everything off the C drive. Right click the drive and see what the full capacity of the drive is and subtract the available space. What is the difference?

You could install windows 98 on to a separate partition, D or E.

But as in loading 98 on to the C drive, you would need a boot manager to toggle between both operating systems.

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