converting cda files to mp3

  paradiddle1984 01:13 28 Feb 04

hi ive got a cd back today of my band in the studio and its in cda format, i wish to rip it to mp3 to upload to our website but i cant seem to find a suitable ripper. audiograbber seemed to work but would only allow compression at 56kb/ps which inst good enough, i was hoping for 128 at the very least. any suggestions?

  britto 01:25 28 Feb 04
  temp003 02:46 28 Feb 04

So many of them. dbpoweramp suggested above is one, CDex click here is another (good solid freeware), even iTunes (for Windows 2000 and XP only) from Apple - mainly a good music organiser but has decent mp3 encoding too.

  Hax 08:04 28 Feb 04

I have used Audiograbber for quite a while.

The freeware v1.83 is now available.

However you will need a plugin to achieve bitrates over 56k.

Download this plugin - [LameENC] - unzip it to your Audiograbber folder and it gives you a choice of bitrates from 32k to 320k.

click here

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