converting .avi to VIDEO_TS format

  itbytes 27 Oct 11

Hi, is it possible please to convert some of my old videos in .avi format to VIDEOTS format for playing on any DVD player,I have programs to burn DVD's for playing on any player but they only work with VIDEOTS format. Thank you for reading.

  scotty 27 Oct 11

VLC is a very good free program for playing videos which also converts files from one format to another. This page describes the process: link to VLC wiki page

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 27 Oct 11
  Les28 27 Oct 11

DVD Flick is a free dvd authoring program, have a read of the tutorial under Guide in Menu Bar.

enter link description here

Don't know what this one is like as well

enter link description here

You don't happen to have any dvd video as opposed to dvd data burning software on your pc already perhaps, something like Nero Vision?

As far as I know DVD video making software does the conversion from avi to vob (video ts) as part of the video making process, you don't need to convert it first you just input avi and out comes video ts.

  itbytes 27 Oct 11

Hi All, many thanks for your valuable advice and suggestions... Les28....thanks for your comments, Yes I have Nero burning studio on my PC but it takes as long as the film to run to burn it and the quality is very it reduces the file and condenses it....i.e. the film may be 110 mins long and using a 4.7 GB (120mins) DVD it reduces the size to around 700MB and quality is bad. I will try the downloads you suggest, thank you all again,

  eedcam 27 Oct 11

As said try dvd flick way better than Nero also most burners only take about 15/20mins to burn at low speed its the converting that takes the time


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