converting alcohol image to .ISO

  HateGrowth 23:27 20 Nov 06

im trying to burn a dreamcast disc and its a alcohol image but alcohol wont burn it because its 721mb ive been told disc juggler will but it wont read the alcohol file

i tried iso buster and poweriso but they make it so the disc doesnt read in my dreamcast

any help would be greatly appreciated

  rodriguez 23:44 20 Nov 06

Dreamcasts are quite picky over what they execute and what they don't. I have one and the discs in question are multisession so I don't think the images can be converted to iso - anyway if this is a CD-R copy of a game you don't legally own it's against forum rules to discuss it on here. Try a Google search and you might find some dedicated Dreamcast sites and forums where this type of thing can be discussed.

  sil_ver 23:47 20 Nov 06

Altho' the general feeling is that you should be allowed to make a backup copy of your disc. The disc manufacturers seem to get a bit upset if you try to copy it and cry 'Piracy'. It's not in the best interest of all concerned with this forum to tell you how to do it. I'm sure, if you look hard enough you may find a site that will show you how.

  rodriguez 23:49 20 Nov 06

PS if it's a newer Dreamcast, the BIOS will only launch games where the IP.BIN file is at sector 45000 on the disc anyway, as Sega found a big problem in that the console booted these multisession discs without a chip and changed the security on it.

  jimv7 08:53 21 Nov 06

Open alcohol, within it you will have an extra cd/dvd image drive, click on it and tell alcohol to mount the image to it, you can then access the full disk on your hdd.

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