convert WinXP from NTFS to FAT32

  mak2 23:10 10 Jun 03

I'loaded XP Home on a new HDD and can't set it for FAT32. My old drive has all the data files that I want to transfer over. When I connect my old drive as slave, I can't open any files or Works documents.

Can anyone help
Thanks MAK

  special sophie 23:29 10 Jun 03

get yourself a windows 98 boot disk use fdisk to delte the non dos parition and partition with fdisk then install xp again

  midase 23:45 10 Jun 03

If you open Help and Support and open Index you will find how to do exacty what you want. Type in NTFS and click on Converting a volume to.....

  special sophie 23:55 10 Jun 03

as i understand it once you have converted to ntfs you cannot convert back to fat 32 without re partitioning and formatting XP may allow you to format in fat 32 if you are booting from the cdrom or the 6 floopy setup disk route but if not your only chance is as i have said above. If i understand you have your old drive setup on fat 32 which as i understand and correct me if i'm wrong anyone that you will not be able to access any information on that drive. I'm not sure if you can convert your old drive to fat32 or not maybe someone else can tell you

  Quiller. 23:58 10 Jun 03

I think, and I may be wrong, the only way to revert from NTFS to fat32 with out fdisk is to use partition magic.

  User-312386 00:02 11 Jun 03

copy all your old file onto CD-R

then just put them onto the new system

then re-format old drive into ntfs

  midase 21:15 11 Jun 03

Special is right. I got carried away.

  mak2 22:06 11 Jun 03

Thanks to you Special sophie, I did what you said and the option to choose between FAT32 and NTFS was there. So I installed XP on the existing FAT partition.

And you're right, it won't let you convert to FAT32 once NTFS has got hold. '*******'

Also thanks to all who responded

  special sophie 22:39 11 Jun 03

always a pleasure

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