Convert printer to wireless

  jimforrest 18 Dec 12

I have a simple network with a wireless router (Orange - Wanadoo B8C0) directly connected by a LAN to a desktop comp (used as an email station), and a wireless laptop running Win7. I want to dump the desktop unit but my printer (an HP F380) is connected to it via a USB cable. I can print from the laptop - presumably via the router and desktop. I don't want a USB cable running from the printer to the laptop so is there any other way I can run the printer wirelessly from the laptop? There is a USB port on the router but I can't find out what it's for (Orange acquired the Wanadoo routers when they took over and don't know anything about them!) The printer and router are side by side.

  Chronos the 2nd 18 Dec 12

A bit more info on the router would be useful as nothing comes up in Google from your posted info.

You cannot run that particular printer wirelessly as it is not supported.But have a look at this

  difarn 18 Dec 12

Until I changed over to the Orange Brightbox recently I had a Livebox - there was a usb live printer port on the livebox - could this be what you are referring to. I connected my printer to that and it was available as a live printer via the router.

Information from Orange on this here.

Unfortunately it is not available now on the Bright Box, neither is VOIP but I had to change to it when migrating to Fibre Optic broadband last week.

  jimforrest 18 Dec 12

Brilliant difarn - all connected and printing off the router - cheers.

  difarn 18 Dec 12

Good news - glad it works.


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